Publish date:  2019, 11, 04
Author: Epic Games
Version: 10.31.0
Downloads: 0
Category: Game



Fortnite is a battle royal game in which 100 players can freely join from anywhere and play.

This game is very different from other battle royale game. In other games where a player can only use the gadgets and constructions provided in the game to kill other participants. Fortnite is a little different as it allows players to explore their own creative part of the brain.

In Fortnite battle royale game, a player is allowed to construct his own building using horizontal, vertical walls, roof and ladder. Players can make their own barricades and use their self-made buildings and barricade to win the game.

Secondly, Fortnite provides different features that make it is a game playing experience amazing. Like you can launch yourself by canon by using cannon balls. There are many amazing cars like a spherical one which you can use to investigate the surroundings.

Fortnite provides features to set traps for other participants.

Here the creativity of a person comes in a roll. All the features like making building, setting traps allow players to make full use of his creative part of the brain while playing.

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