Download Fortnite for mobile and be the last man standing in the battle. Moreover, showcase your creativity and make the best Fortnite creatively.

Publish date:  2019, 11, 04
Author: Epic Games
Version: 10.31.0
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Fortnite Battle Royale is an online third-person shooter: the aim is to fire at anything that moves, to be the last to remain alive in the comprehensive game map proposed. However, part of the success of the game is also due to a reasonably innovative proposal in the gameplay.

It is to combine the action in combat with a mechanics used for construction. Thanks to a menu that recalls very closely the possibilities offered by Minecraft.

In Fortnite Battle Royale, you collect useful weapons and tools, shoot, hide and use the environment to your advantage; at the same time, it is possible if you want to play as a team, explore the settings and build buildings and platforms to help you along the way.

Fortnite in development in collaboration by Epic Games, and People Can Fly, the first of the two, then thought of its publication, first as an early access title on all platforms, then in a free format starting from 2018.

Rules and Gameplay Techniques

Two Game Modes

Fortnite has two distinct game modes: Battle Royale and Save the World. It was the first of the two to contribute to its success across the globe because it was immediate, adrenaline-fueled, sufficiently strategic, and, of course, free-to-play.

Battle Royale

The Royal Battle begins when a hundred players, first onboard an aircraft halfway between the bus and an aerostat, throw themselves into the void to land on the island destined for the clash.

From this moment on, Fortnite becomes a battle, in which all the heroes are continually fighting against each other: the safe area on the screen will gradually reduce, bringing all those present in a cruel way to meet and make each other out.

The only one will remain standing, who will be the winner. During the fight, each player can use a pickaxe to prey on new resources, create constructions, or obtain new weapons by finding improved equipment around: they are all game elements essential for survival.

Save the World Mode

The Save the World mode Fortnite is instead set not on competition, but collaboration: teams of four players must work together to stop growing waves of aliens, who in a post-apocalyptic future have conquered our planet.

To achieve this, you need to use construction mode to fortify your base, place traps, and fire against invaders; by completing the proposed missions, players increase their skills and unlock exciting bonuses.

Maps and Gameplay

The game map Fortnite Battle Royale mixes openly flat environments with others more mountainous. Still, there is a river that flows from north to south, complete with a central pond: there are also some points of interest such as inhabited centers, rural areas, laboratories, hangars, and woods.

Wherever it is possible to find new weapons or game tools essential for survival, then the user is pressed to move continuously to grab as much loot as possible. Which, of course, will also be the main objective of his opponents: the clash is inevitable.

Weapons of the Game

Fortnite presents threats divided by level rarity: uncommon, common, rare, epic, and legendary.

Moreover, the difference, of course, regards the damage inflicted by each of them. It is to the rate of fire, the range, and precision.

But the crates and loot on the map can also hide equally important consumables, for example, bandages, and potions of various types, which allow you to heal, recover hit points, and get bonuses for your protection.

Finally, a third useful tool in Fortnite Battle Royale is the traps, which can be accumulated indefinitely without taking up space in the inventory: useful not only to damage opponents but also to build valuable platforms, for example, to reach higher points.

Price of Fortnite

Fortnite can then be there without spending a penny, with the necessary exceptions for the microtransactions department. The main focus is on new skins and decorations.

Moreover, there are some of the in-game purchases that are present to boost your gaming experience. Also, you can get some of the most fantastic experiences while playing this game.

In-Game Features

  • Party Arena
  • Lots of Creativity
  • Building and Destroying
  • Gearing Up
  • Play with Friends
  • Numerous updates and Events
  • Play anytime and Anywhere


Fortnite Battle Royale is an online third-person shooter: the plan is to fire at everything that is showing movements, to be the final to stay alive in the complete game map proposed. However, part of the achievement of the entertainment is also due to a sensibly pioneering offer in the gameplay.

Therefore, show up your creativity and enjoy the complete gameplay. Come along with friends and rule the game with your skills.


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