Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Publish date:  2019, 11, 04
Author: Rockstar Games
Version: 1.09
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Aimed to be Rockstar’s next big spectacle after GTA III, Vice City was built on the same engine as its predecessor but offered dramatic gameplay improvements. Based on real-life Miami (yes, with all of Miami City’s never-ending glamour), Vice City was full of criminal enterprises and paid tribute to the great movies of the television era such as Scarface and Goodfellas.

What Vice City offered more than anything was its extremely beautiful and intricate focus on character development and world building. Being equipped with Tommy Vercetti, who is voice-acted by the ever-amazing Ray Liotta, is truly a pleasure. Finding out about those who were responsible for Tommy going to prison while at the same time building an everlasting criminal empire, is even more satisfying.

The best part is you do all this while exploring the amazing and ever-happening Vice City.


GTA vice city is a milestone in the series of Gta games produced by Rockstar.Gta vice city has been released after Gta 3 in 2002. This game inspired by the Miami city and even the characters of the game inspired by the real characters of Miami city. It is one of the most popular RPG games played in the world.

GTA vice city basics

Gta vice city story is based on Protagonist Tommy Vercetti. He is the man who came back to the city from exile and now wants to establish himself as one of the drug lords of vice city. From a third-person perspective, you will have to control Tommy Vercetti. In the game, there are two types of missions Story missions and side missions. For completing missions, you will be roaming in the vice city. You can steal the car, use bikes, or you can also use helicopters.

Tips and tricks to play Get weapons

For getting weapons, you can use cheat codes like NUTTERTOOLS or PROFESSIONAL TOOLS. If your keys are not working, then you can use other methods to get a weapon. For getting weapons to come out the game and click on options, from there choose controller setup, then after decide to redefine controls after that click on the icon showing next weapon, then after double press the spacebar and click the key not displaying in the list. After completing these steps come back to the game and you can change your weapon by clicking on the weapon icon at the top of the screen.

Angle choppers

Angle choppers are the big cruise bike actually chopper is the name of a bike by Harley Davidson, and you can get this chopper bike in Gta vice city by the name of Angel choppers. You are likely to get this in Angel bar while completing any mission.

How to make the moon bigger

Well, the moon added in Gta vice city is just like an image, and it doesn’t change its shape or condition. Yeah, in some parts, it provides light; to make moon bigger, one needs to shoot it by sniper gun. It will change its all form of shape from bigger-normal-smaller if you will keep shooting by a sniper. If you shoot it by other weapons it will not change its shape.

How to complete missions

There are two types of mission story missions and side missions. Chapters of side missions will open as you will proceed in the story. For completing any given mission, you will have to complete every checkpoint. You will have to steal cars, kill people, or set any bomb according to the mission before your health ends or police arrest you.

Things to know to equip the right weapon

Weapons should be as per the mission, like if you have to shoot distant targets, then you should use a sniper. For short-range, but for heavy destruction, you can use the rocket launcher. You can also have heavy artillery as per requirement. If you want to do damage from the top you can use helicopters which has unlimited ammunition and missiles.


Gta vice city story is a game that revolves around the protagonist Tommy Vercetti. You will have to complete missions in this game to proceed with the story. For completing the mission, you will have to use the right techniques of using weapons and completing checkpoints.

How to download Gta vice city?

Gta vice city can be downloaded on Android and ios from their official app stores. For downloading it for PC and laptop, you can visit the official site of Rockstar to download this game.

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