Publish date:  2019, 11, 04
Author: Mojang
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In a world where every game developer wants the sharpest graphics implemented in their game. In a world where everyone wants to one-up their peers on the leaderboards. In a world where, at least according to most parents, guns and violence and gore are what dictates success; we have Minecraft.

A game with no guns or gore. A game that doesn’t keep score. A game where each object is literally a giant voxel. A game that’s sold over 176 million copies and more than 91 million people play it every day.

So how does it achieve what most games can only dream of achieving?


By being simple. The simplistic appeal of the game has made it accessible to millions around the world with people coming in the thousands to attend its conferences and conventions. By making the game limited only to the player’s creativity.

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