PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Download PUBG mobile and get into real action and firefight. There are different players to claim their power amongst you. Show them what you got!

Publish date:  2020, 03, 06
Author: Tencent Games
Version: 0.17.0
Downloads: 0
Category: Games


PUBG Mobile stands for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in a mobile version, which starts from a tantalizing and intriguing idea. A plane with 100 players on-board flies over an island of 8km x 8km.

Everyone launches with a parachute and starts looking for weapons, ammunition, armor, medical kits, and objects as well as vehicles with one goal: to take out the others and stay the only one alive.

The game forces a progressive approach of the players on the map for a deadly fight. In short, only one will remain, at all costs, as in the Battle Royal movie.

The title has gradually given with new modes and extras, such as the possibility of forming clans and beautifying your character. Still, it remains the basis of survival at all costs.

Gameplay and Sounds of PUBG Mobile

You can start playing PUBG Mobile without spending a penny, as guests, or by logging in with Facebook. The page of character guarantees access to equipment, personalization as well as the creation of your group of friends.

At the bottom right are the links for daily missions and special events. In the first challenges, you will start from scratch, since you won't even have clothes.

Moved by the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, it focuses heavily on sound quality with 3D effects and 7.1 surrounds. There is also the possibility of communicating via chat, although it can often create annoying noises, especially if the microphone is at the grip.

Of course, the controls on the touch screen cannot guarantee the same precision as those on the keyboard, mouse, or controller of the PC and console versions. Fortunately, both the analog stick on the left and the button to fire on the right are floating.

They are not permanent so that you can press with some freedom. You can move the character, change its position, use objects, change weapons, drive vehicles, and so on. At the top, there is a fixed compass for orientation. You can also use the gyroscope to move.

All this means that in general, the mobile version of PUBG Mobile is more suitable for a more physical fight instead of stalking and sniper work as on the PC or console.

Extensive and costly arsenal is available, complete with laws of physics respected for trajectories and unforeseen events. There are objects to heal and heal and numerous vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, but also boats to hunt or flee.

The map is not consistently available but will be increasingly limited. Regularly, the playing space is in reduction. Thus, also the safe areas in which the players do not suffer damage to their health. The gradually eliminated areas are present, leaving time to move to a subsequent safe zone. If you do not hurry, you can be very injured and die.

Features of PUBG Mobile

- Free of Cost on Mobile

- Numerous battle maps available

- Precision and Variety

- Daily amazing features

New Features of PUBG Mobile

Smaller Fights

Recently some news has been introduced on PUBG Mobile. The war mode allows you to organize battles with a small group of players in a single or team way on a smaller map. The winner is the person who reaches 100 points or the one who has more when time runs out, and you can die and be reborn.

Use of Royal Pass

A first-person view has also been present, which makes it all the more engaging as you will be in the battle. The second is the Royale Pass, to earn points and increase your character's skills through daily and weekly missions with bonuses and extras.

For those who don't want to spend time, but money, there is the possibility to buy passes. Collaterally, some aspects have improved, such as voice chat, and the Mini Zone arcade mode has an introduction on a smaller starting map.

Price of the Game

PUBG Mobile is entirely free of cost for the users, and they can download it from the play store of the app store. Moreover, there are some of the in-game purchases that you can buy to improve your gameplay and experience.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Battle Royale-style survival game, received a mobile version, PUBG Mobile, released free for Android and iOS.

Developed by PUBG Corp and Tencent Games (responsible for Arena of Valor), reflected the tense and fun gameplay of the game that is already present on Xbox One and PC. The PUBG Mobile occupies about 800 MB and needs an internet connection to function.

The weight can be related to the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine.

Therefore, why are you waiting? Come and enjoy the game now!


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