Rally Racer Dirt

Rally Racer Dirt

Publish date:  2020, 01, 02
Author: SBK Games
Version: 1.6.0
Downloads: 0
Category: Game



SBK Games have a wonderful take on the racing game genre with Rally Racer Dirt. The games drifting mechanisms are truly fascinating to play with and master. Working your way up top to the games intricately crafted hills is captivating in itself.

The game introduces game-mechanics which are extremely realistic in how they operate giving players the experience of drifting across a dirt track. The graphics on the other hand equally as good, with few other mobile racing games being able to match the level of graphic details this game has to offer.

The game features a wide assortment of rally cars, an extremely robust online multiplayer system, car customization and all what you could ask for in a nicely built racing game. What truly differentiates this game, however, is its innovative and creative game modes such as survival. All three modes offer a distinct challenge, for instance in survival you are required to drift as long as you can. Successfully overcoming these challenges is rewarding and satisfying.

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