Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Download Real Racing 3 v8.2.0 today to race and win the match. Unlock unlimited coins to upgrade your car and power up to increase the fun element.

Publish date:  2020, 03, 04
Version: 8.2.1
Downloads: 0
Category: Racing


How about a car racing game where you get to choose cars like Porche, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, or more, then try out Real Racing 3. You can try out the Time Trials, Ghost Challenges, and all kinds of challenges to pump up your mood for the racing game.

Gameplay and controls

Once you download this racing game, rest assured, you will never feel bored! There are different types of racing games to try. From cup races to drag races, speed challenges to sprints, Real Racing game will leave no stone unturned to pump up your adrenaline rush. Plus, there are different types of tracks that you will get to ride as well, for example, Hockenheimring in German and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Whenever you finish racing, you get to earn some rewards, which you can use to upgrade your car.

You don’t need to push the accelerator to start your car. When the lights go green, your car is ready to roll. Tilt your phone to move the car left or right, and if you need to push the brakes, just tap on the screen, and that’s about it.

The controls of this game are impressive and super smooth. There are no special powers to unleash. Just steer your car and win the race; that’s the only challenge you have got.

Outstanding graphics and sound

From the moment you will race, you will feel like racing a real car because the graphics look realistic, and that’s the best part about this game. The buzzing sound of the car that you get to hear once the car starts, everything sets the mood right.

Download Real Racing 3 v8.2.0

To unlock every upgrade of Real Racing, try downloading Real Racing 3 v8.2.0 on your mobile phone. There are tons of upgrades to go for, and if you really want to unlock every upgrade, you need to download Real Racing 3 v8.2.0.

Top features

  • You get unlimited coins and gold.
  • You get to unlock all cars.
  • You will unlock all decals.
  • You will get to unlock all the paints
  • Unlock all tires, wheels, events, and tracks.
  • There are over 1500 events to take part in.


This racing game is a must-have on your mobile phone. Download Real Racing 3 v8.2.0 today and start playing it. You can play this game online and offline.



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